Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Up Against The Wall...

He is my first married TDH - my Mr. Almost Perfect. He would be perfect if he lived closer – that is the only thing I wish I could change - 900 miles is too far. We would have so much fun...often. He was more beautiful than I could have even imagined….his voice very sexy…a hint of naughty in his darling laugh sends zings of lust through me. His confident manner that is so sexy to me, he is NOT intimidated by me. Wow...I had given him fair warning – I am not made for a meek man. He was up for the challenge - that in itself is so intoxicating and left me yearning for more. The moment our eyes met….so similar to each others own eyes - sparkly and dangerous ...with his perfect body…Tall and Lithe…Strong…Athletic… I had a idea our bodies would fit well together.

We had a drink…chatted for a bit…got quickly comfortable being so physically near each other… He was caressing my back, hair, arm..anything within reach. We were getting each other so worked was HOT. We didn’t even finish our drinks…left them on the table halfway full….the promise of what was to occur was palpable between us. A soft slow hum of lust...was throbbing between us....we both were a bit anxious to get somewhere to explore this bond we have created. Ever the gentleman..he softly maneuvered me towards him…getting me comfortable. His ability to read my body was reassuring to me. I wasn’t going to have to guide him…or tell him…he knows what to do.

We arrive at the hotel, he gets out of the car and comes around to open my door. I get out, stand up...leaning against the car as he closes the door….he covers my body his…pushing himself into me through our clothes…Kissing me deeply and frantically…as though he’s never kissed anyone like this before. My hands circle around his neck…one hand runs down his arm to around his back feeling the strength of his body…..even in heels he is soooo much taller than I am. I melt into him as I register the feeling his huge cock grinding into me…finding exactly where it needs to go…where it must be and finally…yum…. where it will soon be. I have to feel it…I put my hand on the front of his pants…and I start to moan – knees buckle…His cock is is HUGE…and it is going to feel incredible inside of me . I’ve only had one other one that big inside of me - Sir Domination - he is enormous and very proud of it. He grabs my hand and leads me into the hotel …in the elevator…we are smiling and giggling like two naughty kids - getting ready to get into some serious FUN trouble. We are both laughing, touching and caressing each other...not even believing we are going to the privilege of consuming each other...completely.

We get into the hotel room…he goes into the bathroom. I use that time to strip…down only to my panties…tiny, pink and VERY sexy. My fingers are covering my nipples only….my knees slightly raised….my long hair fanned across his pillow. My eyes are closed and I am smiling. I can hear him gasp when he sees me…and I start giggling….Isn’t this fun I say with a sexy smile? He sits on the side of the bed admiring my body…with his hands and his eyes. He is getting so turned on …I can see he is struggling to maintain control - his erection is going to rip through his jeans if he doesn’t let that big boy out. He starts kissing my neck, my tits…moving down my tummy. Then he is covering my body with his…still dressed…kissing me deeply…again, that huge cock is hitting my clit with an accuracy that is mind blowing. My hand seeks out his cock again caressing him through his pants…and instantly I feel wetter than I was before. I softly tell him to feel me…please feel how wet I am. He gently removes my panties…wants to see every bit of me…he loves my shaved pussy. Dipping his fingers into me and rubbing my clit at the same time….he leans over to tease my clit with his tongue…I start to quiver…I tell him I NEED him in me NOW. His clothes come off so fast….and he drives that magnificently HUGE cock into me. The exquisite …Oh my god…I am nearly screaming with ecstasy as he is pounding me with that cock. He is so turned on - sooo hard…I feel his cock swell even more (I cannot believe that’s even possible)…he is ready to cum after the first few strokes inside of me – he is saying my name over and over and over. He slows down but doesn’t pull out. He has his cock into me to the hilt…I’m quivering…breathless and he is watching me…smiling. He tells me I am beautiful and that I feel so so so good wrapped around his cock. Mmmmmm that turns me on even more…I’m in heaven…exquisite lustful bliss.

How he did this I have no idea – but it is now my new favorite position. He kept his cock in me and pulled me to the edge of the bed…and lifted me up into his arms just holding my legs and ass… my arms were around his neck – and he stood up…he was fucking me onto his cock with my body. I’ve NEVER been fucked like that …ever…after 4 or 5 OMG deeeeep strokes…I came all over him. He was slowly gyrating his hips…smiling at me as I recovered from cumming. Telling me that watching, hearing and feeling me cum was his new mission in life. He wants and needs to fuck me every day. He keeps me inside of him…and carries me to the beautiful executive desk …sits me on it…and fucks me deep a few more strokes…then only pulls out long enough to have me lean over the desk. His hands grip my hips and he slams that huge cock into me again…I fall forward…my body all over his papers and I grip the sides of the desk wanting to hold still to be able to take all of it and to meet his slamming cock by pushing my ass up to him. I start cumming again…it is so fast …so hard…so intense…he is again telling me that I am so beautiful….so perfect…his perfect woman. I am his fantasy incarnate as he fucks me deeply. He is swelling again…I can tell this is it…I am going to get his cum…it’s mine…every drop. I have to stuff my hand in my mouth so I don’t scream so loud to cause a complaint from the neighbors…his cumming meant I was getting fucked even deeper and harder than I have ever been in my life…and I came again as I felt his load shooting deep inside of me.

We lay in bed…wrapped in each others arms…our breathing starting to get under control…and he starts caressing me again…his cock is stirring against my leg already…amazing…he is amazing and his cock should be worshiped…daily. He tells me our bodies were made for each other…his words alone get me so hot. We laugh, we tease each other…we play with each other. I take him into my mouth…his cock jumps – magically it is enormous again…so fast. I caress his balls…lick the taste of me off of his cock…he can’t handle me sweetly sucking his cock...taking all that I can into my mouth. He pulls me up onto him and his cock finds my wet pussy. I take all of it…and I fuck him with every fiber of my being…he holds my hair back so he can see me…he needs to see my face when I cum…His pleasure is in direct correlation with mine…we ARE perfect together. We change positions over and over…we tear the bed up. After 3 hours of mind blowing insane sex…I have cum so many times…I’ve lost count. His cock is sore….my pussy is sore – we laugh about this…what a delicious feeling. Sadly, it is time for me to leave. I dress…he puts on his boxers then walks me to the door. He leans me back against the wall and kisses me…we chat about the amazing evening we just had – we don’t want it to end…ever….we tease each other…we laugh…we kiss …he is promising to come to town as often as he can.

We were talking about what we will do next time we see each other. He has his hands on my ass…grinding that huge drained cock against me. Each of us taking turns filling in the story of our next meeting – his cock is now hard again. As he is telling me about our next tryst…he crouches down to remove my shoes…I’m smiling…he pulls down my jeans and panties…and turns me around to hold the wall. He is expertly is doing to me…exactly what is supposed to happen the next time we see each other - a first person narrative. His boxers come off again…and his cock is finding my wet, swollen, ready pussy. He drives into me a vengeance….he fucks me furiously as I’m holding onto the wall moaning….it only takes moments for me to cum again…he feels it … tells me my cumming so fast and so hard…gets him harder and harder. I can feel his cock begin to swell… his mouth in my ear…breathing hard…ordering me to cum with him. I comply…I soak his sore swollen cock with my cum at the exact same moment he is filling me with his cum. He whispers into my ear if that will be an OK way to start out our next tryst…and I laugh…oh my gosh…he’s laughing too…he cannot believe what we do to each other…our cum is running down my legs…he is so concerned…he grabs a towel and sweetly cleans up my legs and my dripping pussy. He sweetly dresses me again…I am so endeared to his tenderness with me…mixed with his lust for me a dangerous combination.

Mmmmm…this was last night...I needed to share this NOW (my blog is my new best friend...the only entity I can share this with)....while I'm still sore...and feeling what he has done to my body...secretly smiling to myself every time I sit down…recalling the delicious union of our bodies last night....that lasted until early this morning...He texted me a sweet goodbye as he got on his plane today...I cannot wait until he comes back and leans me up against the wall.....

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Dark Pixie said...

i am so happy you shared this...totally erotic...i am so turned on right now....very nice.