Monday, August 11, 2008

It's a Small, Small World...

Mr. Hottie and I had just finished another amazing round of hot sticky exhausting fucking. Laying in each others arms...we were just chatting. I asked him what he was supposed to be doing tonight...(what he told his wife). He was out for drinks with guys that had flown in for a training event. He mentioned that the guy he travels with the most lives in my town. Then he told me his name...I jumped up...looking at him with a OMG look in my eyes. "Does he have a daughter named (xxxx)?"....Confused he said, "yes". Shit...Damm....I don't even believe this... I fell back laughing. I know him...his wife ...his two children. His daughter is dating my son currently. I've know them for years. Mr. Hottie and I live 3 hours away from each other, our personal lives should not cross paths, but it has. He was stunned, as was I. I remembered...I had pictures of a recent my home. Grabbing my laptop...I pulled up the pictures...and yes... it was him. Mr. Hottie browsed through the photos of his co-worker and family at my stunned as I was. Then all we could do is laugh...couldn't even think about anymore sex...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Back....I've taken a HotWife Break....

Woo Hoo!! I have elected to return....I've left this blog without a ending....or now...Perhaps a continuation. I have a hot developing "secret relationship"...I've admired and lusted after him from afar for soooo long.

I've been experiencing the HotWife What a way to make a marriage HOT.... ha ha ha....I had no idea this would has...and I'm thrilled. So...I've got updates on my TDH's.... working on them now...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Self Esteem...

Mr. Hunky and I still have our hot yet frustrating relationship...I recently requested a picture of his cock - still don't have one...grrrrr.
I've started a hot collection of cock pictures...this is fun! My husband was pouting that I didn't have picture of his I took some and added his to my collection! Well...Mr. Hunky sent me this sweet postcard after telling me that he had been jacking off to pictures of me.
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I love quotes...a mere sentence or two that moves you or inspires you...Here's one of my favorites...

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hummmm.....A HotWife?

I'm back...Sorry for the 2 month disappearing has been a interesting few months to say the least. I have attempted to write about this 25 times ( I still have all the drafts)...all the while trying to get my head to comprehend this new concept. Me....a HotWife.

Back in June, my husband broached the subject of his fantasy of seeing me fuck another man (a fantasy he has had for years I now find out) he has ALWAYS adored the fact that I get so much attention. I sweetly laughed him off...but he wouldn't quit. In fact...the more he talked to me about it...the hornier he got and I started to play along with "what if scenarios". Wow...we now have a new incredible sex life...after all these years. So...yes...I fuck my husband everyday...many times several times a day...really!

Technically we have NOT fulfilled his fantasy yet...but I have told him about one of my lovers - Mr. Hottie. He has known when I've gone to fuck him...I tell him EVERY detail. He has seen pictures of him...right after he has fucked me...his cock in my mouth...oh...and how much of a stud he is....

Last week...Mr. Hottie and I had phone sex...with my husband listening and fucking my pussy with his finger. He got to hear Mr. Hottie talk about the last time we fucked...the positions that turned him on the most...and how he gets so hard hearing me cum and cum and cum. He listened to Mr. Hottie and I cum together over the phone. Wow...that was hot!

I will keep you updated as to the progress of my HotWife journey...and I'm back to looking for more Tall Dark and Handsome men to fuck...I'm off to meet one right now...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Erotic Personality

My Erotic Personality is The Show-Off. Take the Erotic Personality Quiz on and discover yours!I took Sage Vivant's Erotic Personality Quiz and discovered I'm a Show-Off!

What is your Erotic Personality? Find out now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fast and Furious

I met Mr. Hot Boy for coffee yesterday. The Classy and coffee combination to date has equalled fucking...yesterday was no exception! Wow...he's in his late twenties, his voice is yummy - he has a exquisite accent ...Italian. Tall, dark hair...eyes to drown in - perfection! Within the first few minutes we could both sense we would be fabulous together.

He lived close...and we elected to take the opportunity to get to know each other better. I had time constraints due to a previous commitment so we didn't have the luxury of taking our time. It was fast and furious...and delicious! We went straight to bed...acquainting ourselves with each others bodies...his cock is OMG beautiful...very large. I had to properly adore it...I stroked, kissed and sucked him until he was almost ready to cum. I looked up and smiled and said..."another time - I have to have this beautiful cock inside of me NOW". He had a condom on in record time and drove his cock hard into me. I was so wet so turned on...yet I could hardly take it all. He smiled at me and asked me if I liked...hah ah ah...OMG. He proceeded to fuck me hard with that stunning cock. I had the continuous orgasm thing going on in record time...he was so surprised at how fast I cum...and it was over and over and over. He had me get on top of him so he could admire my body...I teased his cock with my pussy....slow, fast and everything in between. He was getting close and told me he wanted to fuck me from behind...heaven! He had me stretched out yet....from behind he was so deep and soooo OMG wonderful. He started to cum after only 6 or 7 strokes and he begged me to cum with him...I complied...WOW.

We layed in bed laughing about our just meeting for coffee...within only 5 minutes or so...he was hard again. My ego adores this...the ability to turn a man on so quickly. Of course - I had to take full advantage of it...and time was of the again - Fast and furious...and delicious...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sugasm #87

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Exceeded His Expectations

I became his fantasy woman live and in person. I chose him...yet I made him feel as though he had chosen me. He had given me explicit instructions on how to dress. Sexy business suit, garter and stockings...oh and of course high heels. Sit at the bar...legs crossed...just a peek of the top of a stocking showing. He walked into the bar and was made me smile. Mr. Big stood in one spot just looking at me...I had sprung from his mind to actually sitting just a few feet away. I recrossed my legs to give him a little show and he came to me. He is very very very good looking. Tall dark and handsome (of course) - looking as though he has just stepped out of GQ. Dressed exquisitely...impeccably groomed. He is from a large city on the East Coast - a city I adore. He is a man accustomed to having whatever his wishes...and isn't surprised by much. Yet....I have left him stunned. He kissed me and all he could say was, "Wow". He was taken aback...his eyes soaking me in...darkening with lust. I soooo enjoy this - I adore recognizing the look of lust I can inspire...I relish in it. The power of it is intoxicating...a "lust buzz" is better than alcohol or any drug...I promise! I stand up so he can see all of me...his hands caress the curves of my body. His eyes taking in every inch of me. He shakes his head telling me I am his fantasy times a thousand. I laugh and sweetly tell him he hasn't seen anything yet. His cock is hard against my thigh. I wiggle against it and he is groaning as I smile and sweetly whisper in his ear that he is making me wet...dripping soaking wet to be exact. "Check Please", he tells the bartender. We finish our drinks...and he takes me to his room.

He sits on the bed...pulls me between his legs and needs to explore my curves...his hands caress my legs and move up to feel what is under my skirt. One hand on my ass the other touching my garter moving up to slip a finger inside my panties finding my pussy. I am wet...very wet...dripping need to fuck me now wet. His finger slides into me and starts fucking me. My body melts with his attention to my pussy...."undress me please", I tell him...and he does. I reach down to feel his rock hard cock straining in his pants....I kneel and release it. I quickly take his cock into my mouth...adoring it with my tongue and sweet lips. I moan as I aquaint myself to his beautiful cock. It's going to fuck me soon and I cannot wait.

He leads me to the desk...lifts me up so I can sit on it facing him. He lifts my legs and positions his cock at the entrance of my pussy...he leans down to kiss me and at the same time drives his cock into my pussy with a powerful thrust. Oh......I am sooooo turned wet...moaning at the orgasm building inside of me. I tell him I am cumming...he fucks me harder relishing my pussy clenching his cock and my trembling body. He moves me to the bed...I'm soaking wet...breathing hard. He rolls me to my side...I feel his cock against my ass. feels so good. He lifts my leg...he plays with my pussy...teasing my clit. He whispers in my ear that he is going to fuck my ass. I melt...I push back against his cock with my ass and sweetly tell him ..."yes please". He gets my ass ready to get fucked...slowly getting me accustomed to what is yet to come. He pushes the head of his cock into my ass and I moan....and then relax....I can now take all of his cock into my ass. His fucking my ass is wonderful. I tell him "harder" and he complies. The unexpected, powerful and sweet orgasms I have from being fucked in the ass is exquisite. It's starting and I relish the entire body quivering, teeth rattling, bone jarring orgasm. I'm biting the pillow so I don't scream at the top of my lungs and he is getting close too...he's fucking me faster and faster. He is cumming....fucking me harder as he finds his sweet release...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sugasm #85

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