Friday, June 1, 2007

Feast or Famine...Mr. Hunky Resurfaces....Grrrrrr

Poof....He's back again. Have not heard a peep out of him for weeks. He has a knack of popping up when I've nearly gotten him exorcised out of my mind and body. He finds me online today....he's travelling some seminar and he's thinking about fucking me - NOW.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr.... I wish he would leave me I don't...yes I do. My inner turmoil caused by him for over 2 years now is now tempered by my other TDH's. But he still has the ability to cause me to physically ache for him. I know a little part of me is in love with him....grrrrrr. And the rest of me is in lust with him. I told him today....I hate you, I want you, I ache for you. His ability to control me makes me hate him almost - ha, I wish I could. My new boldness is hot for him - this is NOT the usual Classy Elegant Lady...she's very prim and proper typically. Instead of waiting for the words that will make me wet and yearn for him anew. I take the lead today...

MR. HUNKY: I want to taste and smell you, i want to feel you all over me
Me: I wish I was crawling on you eyes get so dark....teasing you with my mouth....making you crazy hard…rubbing your cock between my tits.....
MR. HUNKY: hmmmm
Me: kissing and biting you...all over....
MR. HUNKY: that would be hot - biting my nipples so hard till i moan and buck
Me: taking all of you into me HARD.....
MR. HUNKY: telling me to pull your hair back
Me: have you not cum in your pants?
MR. HUNKY: i could so easy right now bet the end of my cock has a drop of cum on it
Me: hummmm.....I wish I was sitting right next to you....very proper and lady like.....
MR. HUNKY: bet you will cumming again soon - when we are done
Me: I will....I know...running my fingers on your legs.....teasing your hard on....
MR. HUNKY: yeah lady like....the first night we are together we will be all romantic and nice....the next night you will be dressed up and I will be fucking you hard calling you a dirty girl, little slut and demanding you take it how I tell you
Me:grrrrrrrrrr......I want you in me now...
MR. HUNKY: cum for me again now
MR. HUNKY: lean back right now, open your wide and I want you to play with your clit with one hand and with the other fuck yourself.....picture me attacking you on the back a hotel room door in that red dress picture the dress riding up exposing your pussy as I grab you
Me: hmmmmmmmmm
MR. HUNKY: as you fall to the floor on your knees
you see me step back and open my pants and pull out my cock
just as you think you get to suck it you see me
start to stroke it
getting it harder and harder
you see it rock hard
and you start wanting to taste it, needing it, demanding to touch it

He calls me....a minute later. His gorgeous voice is hot hot hot. He left his seminar to call me....we need to make each other cum...NOW. He is stroking his cock and I'm doing exactly what he tells me to do...rubbing my clit...I have a finger inside of me...I'm teasing my ass. What ever he wants...I will do. I start to cum...he is breathing hard into the phone...moaning ...he tells me how huge his cock is...and he needs to shoot his huge load into my mouth. We must cum together he demands. That sends me over the moans and his pumping of his cock faster and faster we both cum together at the same moment hundreds of miles apart. We both are trying to breathe...soft moans and soft giggling ...WOW. He tells me he shot his cum everywhere...he has a mess to clean up and a seminar to get back to. I'm lanquishing in my delicious orgasam - I tell him "Bye Lover, cum see me some time." He catches me on IM later...wanting to know if I enjoyed it as much as he did. I laugh...Oh My Gosh...I adored it as usual. He let me know he had to jack off again one more time - at lunch time....thinking about fucking me as he shot his second load of the day in my honor.

Mr. Hunky weaves his magic within my body and soul again...I'm a mess with desire for him. I won't hear from him for weeks again and I will resolve to stay away from him - do not give him the opportunity to find me or contact me. But I will....I always do...and he knows it. Damn...

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max said...

pant, pant, pant, sighhhh. it was good for me, too.